How to Pronounce "Pierre Dragicevic"

Don't try to pronounce it perfectly, it would require you to mix the French and Croatian accents and this would probably sound very weird.

  • If you speak English, say Pierre the way you usually do and say Dragicevic as follows: The beginning is just like the English verb to drag. The two i are like the "ee" in beet. The two c are like the "t" in nature. Finally, the e is like the "e" in bed. Read the r as you usually do.

  • If you speak French, say "dr' agissez vite" but replace the final "t" with a k sound.

  • If you speak Chinese, Pierre approximately reads 皮尔. I was told there was no way to transcribe Dragicevic. You can resort to the name 龙磊 that has been given to me by Bi Xiaojun or use my nickname 石头.

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