Game Theory Icons

A visual index to common types of 2x2 simultaneous games.

Icon design

The constraints within the payoff matrix are depicted by arrows going from the lowest payoff to the highest one. One player is white, the other one is brown. Blue circles are Nash equilibria.

The images are available in vector graphics format: Illustrator (.ai 1.5 MB) and PDF (500 KB). License info at the bottom right of this page. There might be some inaccuracies or mistakes in these icons. If you see a problem, please write to Pierre Dragicevic.

More games listed in Wikipedia and See also Bryan Bruns. (2011). Visualizing the Topology of 2x2 Games: From Prisoner's Dilemma to Win-win. International Conference on Game Theory. Stony Brook, NY, July 11-15, 2011.
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