Download DimP v1.1 beta

DimP is a video player prototype that allows to browse video clips by directly manipulating their content.


Download Player + Examples (24 MB)

Slow motion video clips courtesy of Nobby Tech. Ltd., Weinberger Vision and David Alciatore. These videos have been re-encoded to be readable by DimP ; you can view the original videos by following the links.


  1. Download and extract the .zip file above into a folder of your choice,
  2. Double-click on DimP.exe,
  3. Open the "examples" folder and drag&drop a video file into the player,
  4. Once the buffering is finished, you can play the video and drag its content.
  5. On some examples, you might need to turn background stabilization off (Options menu).

Test with your own videos

You can test DimP with other video files, provided that:

To process an .avi file in DimP, just drag&drop it into the video player and go get a coffee. The video does not have to be entirely processed for the direct manipulation to work. Closing the file or the application automatically saves the processing information into a .motion file. The processing can be resumed afterwards.

You can batch-process several video files by dragging and dropping them to DimP with the Ctrl key pressed.

Menu options

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